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Tooth-coloured Fillings in Winnipeg

Fillings are an excellent way to seal and repair damaged teeth, and they can be beautiful, too, with tooth-coloured fillings from Linden Market Dental Centre. At our Winnipeg dentistry practice, Dr. Rykiss only uses white fillings crafted from resin composite material designed to closely match the natural color of teeth, for a smile that is as beautiful as it is healthy.

When are Dental Fillings Used?

Dental fillings are used to repair small to moderate damage to the surfaces of teeth. These types of repairs can include tooth decay or tooth fractures and do not require more involved procedures such as a dental crown or bridge, a root canal or irreparable damage which may result in a dental implant.

New or Replacement Fillings

Dr. Rykiss can place new or replacement tooth-coloured fillings for patients who may have a minimal tooth fracture or small amount of decay on the surface of the tooth. A common symptom that occurs when decay is present is sensitivity on the tooth. This sensitivity can often be remedied with a dental filling provided the damage to the tooth is not so extensive that it requires one of the aforementioned procedures.

In addition to placing new dental fillings, Dr. Rykiss also helps patients who need to remove existing fillings. We frequently treat patients who have existing fillings that have fallen out, have cracked or are damaged, or who simply want a more aesthetic solution than their existing metal filling.

Regardless of whether you think you need a new or replacement filling Dr. Rykiss can evaluate your oral health and determine what the best treatment option is for your specific needs.

Why Choose Tooth-coloured Fillings?

Tooth-coloured, or white, dental fillings are becoming the norm for most dental practices across the nation. These fillings provide patients with a natural restoration that is designed to match the existing color of their teeth. Tooth-coloured fillings are also strong alternatives to metal fillings and can be used for all teeth. Finally, tooth-coloured fillings often require less preparation to the teeth than metal filings going along with the modern trends in dentistry that seek to employ minimally invasive treatment where appropriate.

Dental fillings can often be accomplished in one visit to our office. We will prepare the affected tooth for the restoration by gently removing the decayed or damaged area before cleansing. The filling is then placed and adjusted for fit, function and aesthetics.

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